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Mainstreaming adaptation into development: Everybody's business is nobody's business

Mainstreaming adaptation into development can offer several advantages such as reducing costs, building consensus, and generating ownership leading to better adaptation outcomes....

October 2009 Topics:
Measures of adaptation to climatic change and variability (Adaptation Metrics)

Adaptation metrics may be defined as quantitative, semi-quantitative or qualitative measures for monitoring the effectiveness of adaptation actions. Research on adaptation metrics...

Commissioned Report
August 2009 Topics:
Small ideas transforming rural lives and livelihoods in river eroded areas of Bangladesh: Case study of Ryutaro Hashimoto APFED award for good practices, 2007

The shifting course of rivers has been known to be the root cause for many socio-economic issues in most parts of Bangladesh. The Disappearing Lands project, conceived and...

Mozaharul Alam
Rabi Uzzaman
Policy Report
July 2009 Topics:
Financing and Governing Adaptation and Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction

This Briefing Notes suggests that adaptation costs are going to be huge in Asia as elsewhere. Hence, a mix of pubic and private funding is to be promoted in the future climate...

Issue Brief
June 2009 Topics:
Climate change risk reduction: decision making in uncertainty

This chapter is an attempt to link the disaster risk reduction and decision making under uncertainty. It is aimed at the disaster risk reduction personnel who are beginning to...

Book Chapter
April 2009 Topics:
Climate change and local level disaster risk reduction planning: need, opportunities and challenges
In Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change

The field of climate change is full of uncertainties that are limiting strategic disaster risk reduction planning. In this paper, however, we argued that there is lot to do before...

Peer-reviewed Article
June 2008 Topics:

This paper was prepared by Dr. SVRK Prabhakar of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), for the Regional Implementation Meeting for Asia and the Pacific for the...

Policy Report
November 2007 Topics: