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IGES Kyoto Mechanism First Commitment Period (CP1) Summary Data


In accordance with decision 3/CMP.10, Annex I Parties with a commitment inscribed in Annex B to the Kyoto Protocol shall submit the “Report upon expiration of the additional period for fulfilling commitments under the first commitment period” (true-up period report). The "true-up period reports" under the first commitment period is used for the assessment of the compliance of a Party with its commitment under Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Kyoto Protocol. The "true-up period reports" shall be prepared by Parties in accordance with the requirements included in decisions 13/CMP.1, 15/CMP.1 and 3/CMP.10.

IGES Kyoto Mechanism First Commitment Period (CP1) Summary Data aims to summarises the information on both retired and carried over Kyoto units sorted by originating country and project types. This database aims to provide overviews on how each Annex I country fulfil their emission reduction commitment during CP1 by using Kyoto units from own and other countries. It also provides how many CP1 CERs remain in CDM registry.


15 June 2015, updated