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IGES NDC Database


The IGES NDC Database compiles the main features of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which were communicated by the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in order to present the targets and measures that will be taken in order to implement the Paris Agreement, according to countries’ national circumstances.

This database summarizes in the master sheet the main climate pledges from each NDC concerning mitigation, or how countries intend to limit their greenhouse has (GHG) emissions to lessen their impact on climate change, and adaptation, or how countries are planning to adapt to the effects of climate change. Other elements are referenced as well, such as finance and technology transfer needs expressed in NDCs, corresponding to the demand for international support from developing countries to reach their targets.

The database also provides detailed information on the use of various market mechanisms by each country. Lastly, the latest information on the progress of the Paris Agreement is referenced and regularly updated, including signatures and ratification of the agreement, as well as NDCs submissions. In order to facilitate the understanding of NDCs, the three next sheets present data in the form of maps, charts and tables.

New in the Version 3.3 (August 2017 update):
• Change of the database name from "IGES INDC & NDC Database" to "IGES NDC Database".
• New column for budget type targets (5 countries)
• 1 new signature of the Paris Agreement
• 20 new ratification of the Paris Agreement
• 18 new submission of first NDC