Ecology Note: Towards a Clean and Green Mandalay City
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Ecology Note: Towards a Clean and Green Mandalay City


This environmental learning booklet has been prepared for the students in Mandalay City based on the experiences of Kitakyushu City, one of the leading environmental model cities in Japan, to provide information, tools and guidelines emphasising reducing the amount of waste we produce; reusing, recycling and composting whatever we can and using landfills or other technologies to dispose of the rest in a more environmentally sound manner. The learning materials in this booklet also provide students with valuable lifelong tools, like critical thinking and encourages the students to be active citizens by making small changes in their everyday lives to make a difference in society. Furthermore, it gives ideas on how to incorporate solid waste management into other subjects in the classrooms, including science, social studies, economic, art and maths and so on.

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