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CDM/JI in CHARTS: Archives
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CDM/JI in CHARTS: Archives

Ministry of the Environment, Japan

Archive of a booklet with a good reputation for providing a plain and easy-to-understand description of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and other Kyoto mechanisms.

This book has been newly published as "CDM in Charts".


This book is published by IGES as part of the Integrated Capacity Strengthening for CDM/JI (ICS-CDM/JI) Programme under the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

This book has been newly published as 'CDM in Charts'.

Update log:
ver. 1.0 (Nov. 2004)
ver. 1.1 (Feb. 2005)
ver. 2.0 (Mar. 2005)
ver. 2.1 (Mar. 2005)
ver. 4.0 (Aug. 2005)
ver. 4.1 (Oct. 2005)
ver. 5.0 (Jan. 2006)
ver. 5.1 (Mar. 2006)
ver. 6.0 (Aug. 2006)

(Hayama, Japan)