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In SEEPS 2013, 21-22 September 2014, Kobe 2013-09

The human environmental impacts exponentially increase along with exponential growth of the scale of economic activities, and it is pointed out that the scale of our economic activities already surpassed some of planetary boundaries. At the same time we face serious under-consumption problems in terms of poverty problems in spite of international efforts such as the Millennium Development Goals. Disagreement between developed and developing countries over Green Economy has appeared in Rio+20 in 2012. Thus, achieving sustainable consumption and production which does not exceed planetary boundary would be crucial to address challenges for both developed countries, who are supposed to be in over-consumption from the perspective of environmental capacity, and developing countries, who are sufferd from under-consumption. This study firstly tries to summarise discussion on sustainable development indicator from the perspective of planetary boundary and then analyses indicators for sustainable resource management as one of sustainable development indicators. Based on the discussion, to avoid exceeding planetary boundary, this study discusses that equity of resource use is important aspects in addition to resource efficiency as global consumption would converge at appropriate level of resource consumption.