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国際シンポジウム 持続可能なアジア − 未来の世代に向けた選択 − 報告書
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国際シンポジウム 持続可能なアジア − 未来の世代に向けた選択 − 報告書

In International Symposium "Towards a Sustainable Asia" -Today's Decisions for Tomorrow's Generations- 1 July 2007 at Yokohama Symposia 2007-02

IGES は、アジアの環境問題の現状と提言をまとめたIGES 白書「持続可能なアジア: 2005 年以降の展望―革新的政策を目指して」(日本語版)の刊行を記念して、2006 年7 月1 日に国際シンポジウム「持続可能なアジア - 未来の世代に向けた選択 - 」を横浜シンポジア(横浜市)で開催した。本書はその開催報告書である。

On 1 July 2006, IGES held an international symposium entitled "Towards a Sustainable Asia - Today's Decisions for Tomorrow's Generations" at the Yokohama Symposia (Yokohama City). It was held to further advance issues raised in the IGES White Paper Sustainable Asia 2005 and Beyond - In the pursuit of innovative policies, which presents an analysis on the current state of environmental issues in Asia and related proposals.
The venue for the symposium (open to the public) hosted a crowd of approximately 200, giving a glimpse into the depth of concern over Asian environment issues. Specialists active in the front lines from Japan, the Philippines, and China were invited, and a lively discussion was held from a global perspective based on the IGES White Paper. The discussion was geared to address what is occurring now in Asia, and what can be done with an eye to realising a sustainable Asia.
Brief summary is available in English. (page: 4-7)

Ms. Yoriko KAWAGUCHI: Member of the House of Councillors, Japan
Mr. Shigefumi MATSUZAWA: Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Prof. Hironori HAMANAKA: Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University, Japan
Ms. Charmine KODA: Director, United Nations Information Centre, Japan
Prof. Dr. Cielito F. HABITO: Former Secretary of Socioeconomic Planning, the Philippines
Dr. Ruqiu YE: Senior Advisor, State Environmental Protection Administration, China
Dr. Shuzo NISHIOKA: Executive Director, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan
Mr. Yasuhiro GOTO: Editorial Writer, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.(NIKKEI), Japan
Prof. Akio MORISHIMA: Chair of the Board of Directors and President, IGES
Mr. Hideyuki MORI: Vice President, IGES


IGES White Paper Sustainable Asia 2005 and Beyond - In the pursuit of innovative policies
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