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うちエコ診断事業を実施して ~「つもりエコ」の存在とその脱却に向けて~

In 第26回エネルギーシステム・経済・環境コンファレンス 26 January 2010 2010-01

Although awareness of climate change has been raised, CO2 emission in the household sector has considerably been increasing showing the fact that people's awareness and action do not necessarily result in the CO2 reduction. This suggests the possible presence of "assumed environmental-conscious actions" that, despite of good intention and actions, generally does not accomplish reduction of CO2 emission. This study examines the presence of "assumed environment-conscious actions" through the examination of 1) people's recognition of the dominant CO2 emitting section of a house and presence/ absence of measures taken in the section, and 2) correlation between environment-conscious actions and actual amount of CO2 emission. The result of study indicates certain
"assumed environmental-conscious actions" exist.