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Asian Aspirations for Climate Regime Beyond 2012

Asian Aspirations for Climate Regime Beyond 2012

Editor: Ancha, Srinivasan. Author: IGES. IGES Staff: Sudo, Tomonori; Watanabe, Rie; Tamura, Kentaro; Kimura, Hitomi; Koakutsu, Kazuhisa; Iyadomi, Keisuke and Ichihara, Jun
Policy Report / Research Report | 2006/10 | Language: English
Publisher: IGES(Hayama, Japan) | Copyright: IGES

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This report is based on the second round of "The Asia-Pacific Consultations on Climate Regime Beyond 2012" in 2006 to further advance the frank exchange of opinions of policy makers, academics, and the private sector on specific issues of high priority to the region. These include: energy security & development, CDM, technology development & transfer, and adaptation.
This report presents a summary of what has been learnt through the current consultations, interviews, and questionnaire surveys with policy makers and climate policy researchers across the region.

Abbreviations and Acronyms
Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. National Perspectives on Climate Regime Beyond 2012
3. Energy Security and Developmental Needs
4. Clean Development Mechanism
5. Technology Development and Transfer
6. Adaptation to Climate Change
7. Conclusions and the Way Forward

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Asian Perspectives on Climate Regime Beyond 2012: Concerns, Interests and Priorities
(The results of the first round of the consultations in 2005)
Area: Climate and Energy
Task: Other
Region: Asia

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