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The Climate Regime Beyond 2012

The Climate Regime Beyond 2012

Editor: Ancha, Srinivasan. Author: IGES Climate Policy Project. Contributor: Tamura, Kentaro; Zusman, Eric; Uchida, Toshihiro and Kimura, Hitomi
Policy Report / Research Report | 2008/02 | Language: English
Publisher: IGES(Hayama, Japan) | Copyright: IGES | Page No./Total No. of Pages: 111.

This report summarises the findings from the third round of the Asia-Pacific multi-stakeholder consultations on climate regime beyond 2012 (held in New Delhi and Beijing) where four specific themes of importance to the region and the future climate regime (sectoral approaches, technology development and transfer, adaptation financing and mainstreaming, and developmental co-benefits of climate actions) were discussed.

Abbreviations and Acronyms
Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Sectoral Approaches: Prospects and Challenges in Asia
3. International Technology Cooperation for Addressing Climate Change: Political Feasibility and Implications for Asia
4. Mainstreaming and Financing of Adaptation to Climate Change
5. Recognising and Rewarding Co-benefits in the Post-2012 Climate Regime: Implications for Developing Asia

A. Agenda for Consultations
B. Participating Organisations
C. Adaptation Questionnaire
D. Co-benefits Questionnaire

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Asian Perspectives on Climate Regime Beyond 2012: Concerns, Interests and Priorities
(The results of the first round of the consultations in 2005)

Asian Aspirations For Climate Regime Beyond 2012
(The results of the second round of the consultations in 2006)
Area: Climate and Energy
Task: Other
Region: Asia

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